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Once you have inserted the DataView macro on to your page, along with the DataViewSearch,and DataViewResults, you can give your users the option to Filter the data using the 'DataViewFilter' macro

To do this, search for the DataViewFilter macro by clicking on Insert > Other Macros

...or by typing in 'DataViewFilter' into the macro shortcut, i.e.:


Once you have the DataViewFilter macro inserted on to you page, click on it once and then select 'Edit' (or double click on it)

Then select the column by which you wish to filter

You can do this by selecting the Sheet in the excel file you are using ('0' is the first sheet) and then typing in the column you wish to use. The heading of that column should appear in the preview (as shown above).

PLEASE NOTE: if you are using numeric data, please tick the box next to 'isNumericData'. This enables the macro to order by true number rather than literal number (i.e, it ensures that '23' is treated as lower than '110' even though the latter begins with '1' which is lower than the '2' in 23)

Once you are happy with your selecting, please select 'Insert'

This will insert a filter macro on your page with the restrictions you have selected, i.e.:

Then, Save your edits and the filter box will appear on your Confluence page, with all the options in that column now on display

You can insert as many DataViewFilter macros as you want (or as many as you have columns in your data)