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The Leadership Development Programme

The current leadership development programme has been designed to relate to all managers,
regardless of department or function

If you have line reports and are Grade 3 or above you should be eligible
for a space on one of the upcoming sessions.

If you manage leaders and managers (i.e. are Grade 1 or 2) please check
the table to the right to see whether the leaders in your division have
attended the required part of the programme.

If you have any further questions, please speak to Stuart in Learning &
Development who will explain the requirements and details of the programme

For full programme schedule please view the training calendar on the intranet

Full schedule

Step 1

Being a better manager

Step 2 

Setting direction and inspiring your team

Step 3

Influencing your stakeholders

Leadership Development training

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Scottie Valero  

Please note that the second round of leadership
development training will begin in October 2018.

If you have not enrolled by September 22nd, you
will not be able to attend that round. The
following round begins in March 2019.