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Once you have inserted the DataView macro on to your page, you can give your users the option to display the data using the 'DataViewResults' macro

To do this, search for the DataViewResults macro by clicking on Insert > Other Macros

...or by typing in 'DataViewResults' into the macro shortcut

Instructional Video


Once you have the DataViewResults macro inserted on to your page, click on it once and then select 'Edit' (or double click on it)

You can then specify which columns you want to include in the Results. You do this by

  • selecting the sheet containing the data (this defaults to 0, which is the first sheet in your Excel file)
  • and then selecting the columns in that sheet that you wish to display in the results

You can select as many (or as few) columns as you wish to display.

Please Note: It is advised that you tick the box next to 'useFormattedValues' for columns that include dates or Excel formulas.