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24 April 2018

Equion Consulting is proud to announce the release of DataView 1.0.

This initial release is for older versions of Confluence from Confluence 5.7 through to Confluence 5.9.x

This release is released alongside version 1.1 which brings with it compatibility from Confluence 5.10.4 through to the current version of Confluence (v6.8.1 at the time of writing).

Discover the key features below:

Maintain your excel spreadsheet using Excel,which you know and love.

Simply create your Confluence page using the DataView macros,then manage your Excel file. Uploading/Saving when Editing in Office will automatically update the details in the Conllfuence page.

Large Excel files are easily accommodated.

Search across any of the Excel columns or specific columns, updates the display.

Filter by columns allows automatic list building of all values in Excel column.

Sorting achieved by toggling the familar table column headings.

Export all values displayed, or by restricting to a specific set of columns.

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