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Once in the Edit view of your Confluence page you can either Click on the 'Other Macros' option in the dropdown box and search for 'DataView'

See instructional video

...or alternatively or you can do this quicker by typing 'DataView' in the shortcut ('{') option and selecting 'Dataview'

Once you have the DataView macro open, select the Excel file you wish to use for your data set. This can be attached to the page you are on, or any other Confluence page, but must me in 'xlsx' format

Accept the default parameters (unless you want to change the sheet in the Excel file you are using, or the date format) and click on 'Insert'.

This will insert the macro on to your page, with the title of the Excel file displayed (as below)

Once this appears, click on 'Save' to create your page

Please note, at this stage the DataView macro has been added to your page, but in order to search, view and export results, you will need to attach the relevant macros. For that please see:

Also note that the first time you set up DataView on your page, you might see a message saying that your data is being converted. This happens only the first time you set it up, and should resolve itself within a minute or two. Please see further explanation here.

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